T-TRAK Layouts

Three Loop Layout

T-TRAK Layouts

T-TRAK layouts can range from a simple circle to a large complex network of modules. While most layouts consist of multiple ovals it is possible to use T-TRAK modules to run trains in a point to point fashion. This page will cover a few layouts based upon a logical progression of module additions. Again, the simplest layout consists of a circle. This can be created with either four 90° corners (pictured), two 180° end caps, or an end cap and two 90° corners. It is assumed that at least one of the corner modules includes power drops for both tracks, presumably using Unijoiner power connections or an alternate method.

Adding a pair of singles to the previous circle layout yields a small oval slightly over 3 feet long.

Adding a double to the previous small oval layout yields adds another foot to the size of the oval. Notice that one of the singles was moved to the near side.

Naturally, the expansion of this layout can continue by adding a pair of singles modules to each side. In this picture, the layout has been expanded by adding a double and two singles. The double could easily have been two singles. The length of this layout is slightly over six feet. A good rule of thumb is to connect a power drop approximately every 6-8 "single" units of modules. So if one of the original corner modules included a power drop, the corner diagonally opposed should also have a connected power drop on this layout.

Adding an additional 90° corner and an inside corner to the previous module inventory permits the assembly of an L-Shaped layout.

Another alternative is to add a pair of T-Junctions to the "6 foot layout" to create three ovals - two inner loops and one outer loop.

Finally, by adding all of the previous discussed modules together, an L-Shaped, Tri-Oval can be created. There are other configurations that can be created with this modest inventory of modules but those exercises will be left to the reader. Be sure to check the websites in the recommended links section for additional layout designs.